Monday, 1 October 2007


This is a sort of blend of all the different samosa recipes I have, and then a bit of a Mel twist....

...which means everything is approximate!! lol


I base all the veg quantities around a medium sized potato....and aim for everything to be the same quantity roughly as the potato.

I have added.....broccoli, sweet potato, peas, carrots, 2 cubes ish of frozen spinach, parsnip...basically anything going. I always then add in an onion.

you also need...filo pastry, butter, oil for cooking, mild curry paste, cumin seeds.


I pre-cook any root vegggies until they are soft (however you usually cook them).

I heat some oil in a pan, but not too hot, and throw in about 1/2 a teaspoon on cumin seeds, and cook out for a couple of mins. I then throw in the onions and cook them for a few mins until they are soft. I then throw in the rest of the veggies for a min or two. Peas I tend to throw in either still frozen or fresh but not pre-cooked.

I then put in about a whole teaspoonful of mild curry paste, more to taste really if your lo likes it, and again cook it in for a min or two, then take off the heat.

Here I usually let the mixture cool down a little, then I blend it. Otherwise I find the filling just falls out. I guess as George gets older I will do this less!

I then cut the filo into strips about 2-3 inches deep. Put a teaspoon of the filling in one corner of the filo strip, then fold one corner of the strip over into a triangle. Then keep folding the triangle over to the end of the filo strip. Brush the triangle with butter all over, then put on the baking tray.

Cook them at 200 degrees centigrade until they are brown & crispy. Should be no more then 10 mins - but it will depend on the size (and if you are using my oven or not!!!)