Sunday, 25 March 2007

Mushroon, Spinach & Philly Pasta

yet another random one for you!

I fried off a largish mushroom in some butter with a clove of garlic crushed and then added some mixed herbs.

I then added in a defrosted "portion" of frozen spinach and cooked it off for about 2 mins.

I then stirred in 2 spoons of philly, and mixed it all together for another 2/3 mins until it all melts together and looks like a sauce.

I served it with pasta shells, and the sauce all his in the shells as it is supposed to. A total sucess and really quick in an emergency!


carrie said...

going to give this a try mel - a good alternative to pesto and spag bol.

Cheers - ps found the polenta recipe - missed the previous posts link - doh!


Mel_x said...

It went down a real treat with George! He ate loads!

Glad you found the recipe - let me know how you get on!


Mel x