Monday, 19 March 2007

Mini Pizzas

I am afraid this is another of my random recipes - but here goes!

I bought a packet of ready mix dough mix, the sort you just mix up with water and kneed for 5 mins. I cut out the dough with a pastry cutter.

I made a topping by draining and chopping 2/3 whole tinned tomatoes with some mixed herbs, and spread just a little on each pizza.

this time |I topped with some grated courgette and mushroom, but I have made them for christmas with lots of different toppings (ham & pineapple, mushroon sweetcorn & pineapple, pepperoni etc etc).

I used cheddar cheese this time, but there is no reason I know of not to use mozzerella (except if you forgot to buy some like me!!)


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